City Water & Sewer Rates Going Up

Beginning with the bill received in late May, the City of Greenville’s water and sewer rates will be more.

By ordinance, the city adjusts rates every year, changing them by 80 percent of the Consumer Price Index from the previous year.

City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL the city created a plan a long time ago that rates are increased to 80% of the consumer price index in May. 80% of the consumer price index this year is about 2%. He said this year there is an additional increase of 1% to the water rate, which will help deal with the debt service for the city’s new water plant.

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The council passed an ordinance several years ago to adjust rates using the Consumer Price Index. This was done to avoid much larger increases at one time.

Last year, the council passed the additional one percent increase on the water bill for the next five years.

The city is in the process of completing the engineering for a new water plant. It is believed construction could begin next spring.

Under the new rates, the minimum water bill for city residents goes up to $16.05 for the first 1,000 gallons and to $24.07 for out-of-city residents.

The minimum sewer bill is now $12.54 for those in the city and $18.81 for those outside.

The annual adjustments also affect rates paid by the villages the city provides water to, which are Donnellson, Mulberry Grove, Royal Lake, and Smithboro.

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