DeMoulin Museum Approaching Milestone


The DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, which opened in March of 2010, will soon welcome its 10,000th visitor.

That person will be recognized with a museum t-shirt, a coffee mug and a keychain from the museum and a $25 Visa gift card, courtesy of TNT RV and Generator Services.

Museum Curator John Goldsmith said the milestone would have been reached last year, but COVID-19 forced extended closures and the loss of several tour groups.

He stated the museum is off to a great start in 2021, including the return of tour groups. The museum is about 90 visitors away from the 10,000 mark, and that could be reached at Saturday’s Museum Day event in Greenville.

The DeMoulin Museum will be open Saturday from 210 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located at 205 South Prairie Street in Greenville.

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