City Manager Provides Update On Day Care In Greenville


The only children’s day care center in Greenville closed its doors on December 31, 2020.

Since then, individuals and groups have been trying to provide another day care center.

At the meeting of the Greenville City Council Tuesday night, City Manager Dave Willey was asked if he had any information. As Greenville officials have been directly involved in the process, Willey was able to talk about it.

He said the city has looked at several locations, all of which would require one to two hundred thousand dollars to up-fit the facility to meet required standards for a day care. He said officials think they’re close to settling on one of the options. He hopes to see a conclusion reached by the end of the month. Even if that is the case, the state requires a 90-day window from the time of application to the opening. The application has not been made yet. The city manager said it should all happen before next spring, but he can’t say specifically when.

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It was mentioned the lack of a day care in Greenville has been a hardship for parents who are driving many miles to take their children to a facility.

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