Greenville Road Oiling Monday & Tuesday


The oiling and chipping of streets in Greenville is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, July 26 and 27.

25 sections of roads are on the list.

Work will occur 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, weather permitting.

The sections of roads include:

North Idler Lane, from Rt. 140 to the north end;

Chicago Street, from Beaumont to the east end;

Short and Trindle streets, from Chicago to Asbury;

Elm Street, from Rt. 140 to Walnut;

Asbury Street, from Taylor to Wyatt;

Wyatt and Locust streets, from the north ends to Beaumont;

Wilmar, from Asbury to Beaumont;

Cedar Street, from Grigg to Almira Manor;

Grigg and Taylor streets, from Cedar to Beaumont;

Spring Hill, from Rt. 140 to the north end;

Dewey Street, from College to Killarney;

Eastern Avenue, from Cooper to Ashley;

McAdams, Wyatt and LaDue streets, from Beaumont to Durley;

Allen Street, from Locust to Killarney;

St. John Street, from Elm to Killarney;

Cooper and Durley streets, from Elm to Eastern;

Oak Street, from Elm to the east end;

Walnut street, from the north end to Hena; and

Parent Street, from Durley to Hena.

Signs will be posted on the sections to be oiled. It is asked vehicles not be parked on those streets the day the work is to be done.

Bill Grider, Greenville Public Works superintendent, said that also next week, concrete curb work is scheduled, affecting Sunset Point and the junction of Oak Street and Beaumont Avenue.

Those with questions about the projects can call the Greenville Municipal Building at 664-1644.

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