KC Announces Updated Campus Procedures Regarding Vaccine Mandate


Kaskaskia College has implemented new campus procedures regarding Illinois Governor Pritzker’s executive order that mandates all higher education institutions require students and personnel to receive the COVID-19 vaccination or provide weekly proof of testing.

All Kaskaskia College students and personnel may upload their vaccination cards or proof of testing (within the last seven days) in a private, secure manner via the KC Connect app or online: www.kaskaskia.edu. To upload proof of a vaccination card, all individuals must wait two weeks past their second dose of a two-series COVID-19 vaccination or two weeks past a single dose COVID-19 vaccination.

All students and personnel will be required to complete the daily COVID-19 screening form.

Anyone who does not receive the vaccine may provide weekly proof of testing. Kaskaskia College will have testing available at the main campus twice a week. However, there are multiple testing opportunities available throughout the entire KC district that staff and personnel may utilize for their testing needs. Any individual who gets COVID-19 testing should ask the testing provider for proof of testing.

The testing schedule is available at www.kaskaskia.edu/covid19/. Kaskaskia College continues to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in a variety of ways, including:

Utilization of the Pre-Screening Form

Constant sanitation and disinfection of classrooms and in “high-touch” areas

Installation of bipolar ionization air filtration systems that have greatly enhanced our air quality in all campus buildings

Social distancing at a six-feet minimum in classrooms and high-traffic areas.

The college is committed to providing face-to-face offerings to our student body in a safe, secure, and healthy manner.

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