Unit 2 Appealing Court’s Mask Decision

Last week, a Third Judicial Court judge issued a temporary restraining order indicating five students from two Bond County Community Unit 2 families did not have to wear a mask at school.

The district announced Thursday, the Unit 2 Board of Education has appealed the order to obtain clarity on what the law requires.

Based on possible sanctions from the Illinois State Board of Education and the current state of the law, the Unit 2 board voted, at the start of the school year, to require masks be worn by students and staff.

The appeal of the temporary restraining order was filed with the Fifth District Appellate Court.

In a Unit 2 news release, it was stated that “if the appellate court vacates the order, such decision tells us the mask mandate is likely legal.”

“If the appellate court does not vacate the order, it tells us the mask mandate is likely not legal, and the board will then decide how to proceed with the next court hearing in Bond County on October 26.”

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