Driver Injured In Crash, Car Destroyed By Fire

A teenage driver was injured in a traffic crash about 10:15 p.m. last Sunday, southwest of Greenville.

Colton R. Earnest, age 16, of Baumberger Avenue in rural Greenville, was taken by Rural Med ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland and transferred to a St. Louis Hospital for treatment of injuries.

The accident occurred on Millersburg Road, about a half mile south of Cottonwood Avenue.

A deputy reported Earnest was driving a car north on Millersburg Road when he met a southbound vehicle at a curve.

Earnest told the deputy the other unit was mostly in his lane, so he steered off the road to the right to avoid a collision,

The car overturned and rolled at least three times, before landing on its tires.

The deputy reported Earnest was pulled from his vehicle by a Good Samaritan, before the vehicle burst into flames.

The car was a total loss.

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