Unit Two Board Receives Good Audit Report


The Bond County Community Unit 2 Board of Education received a good audit report for the fiscal year that ended this past June 30.

Included in the report was the Financial Profile for the district, which has been estimated at 3.6 out of 4.0. That keeps Unit 2 in the “recognition” category with the state.

The profile score looks at fund balance to revenue ratio, expenditures to revenue ratio, days cash on hand, percent of short-term borrowing maximum remaining, and percent of long-term debt margin remaining.

Auditor Robin Yockey spoke to the board about it, noting the district’s financial profile is at 3.6 this year while the prior year was 3.7. She said the only factors that didn’t receive 4’s are Days Cash on Hand and Percent of Long Term Debt Margin Remaining. Yockey said the district’s operating expense per pupil is $11,375. The current per capita tuition charge is $9,339.

Click below to hear her comments to the board:

There were 147 days cash on hand, as of June 30. The district has all of its short-term borrowing left and as of the end of June had 20.57 percent of its long-term borrowing remaining.

The auditing firm is Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull of Shelbyville.

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