Conclusion Of KPD Bonus Inquiry

Kingsbury Park District Commissioners have received a report from the district’s accounting firm, KEB, Director Jerry Sauerwein’s eligibility for annual bonuses.

The review was from November 1, 2014 through October 21, 2020. The review was conducted at the direction of the Kingsbury Park District board.

During that time, Sauerwein could receive a $1,500 bonus per year for starting at least two programs, getting at least $10,000 in donations or grants, and having at least $10,000 in cost savings for equipment and projects.

When the park board discussed back pay and bonuses at its December 2020 meeting, Board Member Scott Crothers questioned the totals on grants and donations.

KEB’s final report indicated there were no donations or grants that appeared abnormal.

It was also noted donations and grants were recognized when awarded, rather than when the cash was received.

Sauerwein’s current contract does not include a bonus clause.

KEB’s fee for the review was $3,000.

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