Pocahontas Man Involved In Arkansas Shooting

Photo by foxumon from FreeImages

A Pocahontas man is a suspect in a shooting incident that occurred near Blytheville, Arkansas earlier this month.

He is 23-year-old Austin Davis.

According to Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson, Davis was allegedly walking along a road when he approached a stopped pickup truck with a trailer in a ditch.

The chief alleged Davis attempted to attack the driver, who was outside of the unit. When police arrived at the scene, the driver was found laying by the truck, and Davis was down in the road. Both had been shot.

Chief Thompson advised the truck owner was able to tell police Davis walked up and allegedly got into the truck. A fight then occurred, and as the truck owner tried to get Davis out of the vehicle, Chief Thompson was told that Davis allegedly shot the man.

Several people stopped at the scene, indicating they wanted to help the truck owner, however Davis chased them back to their vehicles.

According to the police chief, at least one of those who stopped had a gun, and after firing a warning shot, hoping to get Davis to stop his aggressiveness, he shot the Pocahontas man.

The two shooting victims were taken to a hospital.

The investigation into Davis continues. It was reported he allegedly faces a first degree battery charge.

Chief Thompson stated it is not anticipated anyone who stopped to help the truck owner will face charges, however police are also looking into whether Davis allegedly stole a vehicle in Illinois.

Information for this story came from KAIT-TV in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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