Dr. Hentze Retires From Bradford Board

Dr. William Hentze (left) with BNB Board Chairman Frank Joy.

After 44 years of service, Dr. William Hentze has retired from the Bradford National Bank Board of Directors.

Hentze, who joined the board in 1978, was recognized with a special dinner and the presentation of a plaque, in appreciation for his dedication to the bank board.

He said he has witnessed the evolution of banking. When he joined the board, the bank had one large computer and still processed transactions by hand.

Hentze said now every single banking transaction has a digital component to it.

Board Chairman Frank Joy said when Bill Hentze joined the board, Bradford National Bank’s total assets were $36 million.

During his years on the board, expansion occurred by opening a branch on Idler Lane and locations in Highland and Marine.

According to Joy, the bank is now approaching the $500 million mark in total assets.

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