EF-1 Tornado Impacts Bond, Montgomery & Fayette Counties

Courtesy of the National Weather Service

The St. Louis National Weather Service has issued a report of a tornado Friday night which moved into Bond, Montgomery, and Fayette counties.

The tornado, classified as EF-1, first touched down south of Sorento on New Douglas Road, west of the Sorento reservoir. Trees were snapped in that location.

The tornado moved northeast, passing east of Donnellson, crossed Mt. Moriah Avenue and went over the southern portion of Coffeen Lake. The damage in this area was downed and snapped trees.

As the tornado continued northeast, it crossed Route 185 where it destroyed an outbuilding snapped trees and brought down power lines.

According to the surveyor from the National Weather Service, extensive tree damage occurred near the intersection of School House Avenue and Dads Trail.

The tornado then crossed Fillmore Lake and moved through Bingham, causing more tree damage.

It was reported the tornado intensified and widened as it went across the southeast part of Ramsey State Park and across Route 51, continuing northeast about two miles west of Herrick and into Shelby County.

Power poles were snapped in this area and the weather service surveyor said the tree damage was extremely impressive, with a wide swath of snapped and twisted trees.

There were no reports of injuries caused by this tornado.

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