Numerous Topics Discussed At County Board Meeting

The Bond County Board addressed several items at its first meeting of December.

State’s Attorney Dora Mann reported opioid litigation, of which the county has been a plaintiff for several years, is proceeding and she recommended the board approve settlement agreements. The board unanimously agreed to do that.

The state’s attorney said she does not know how much the county might get in a settlement, since there are over 600 plaintiffs. She added that many of the major drug manufacturers have agreed to settle.

Greenville Chief of Police Stefan Neece was appointed to the county’s Emergency Telephone Service Board or 9-1-1 Board. He will complete the term that was held by retiring Chief Scott Workman.

Katie Mosley, owner and operator of Katie’s Kids daycare in Mulberry Grove, appeared before the board. The board has offered to spend some of the county’s American Rescue Plan Act funds for needs at the daycare, since it is contributing money for the creation of a new daycare in Greenville.

Mosley said it would help to have a back walkway, and a concrete pad with outdoor awning for shade for the kids to play outside. The board tabled that request until it can receive more information.

Last month, the county board approved the purchase of three new rocking chairs for the infant room, and a gate, post and wall adapter for the toddler room at Katie’s Kids. The total cost was $2,922.57.

Kristin Stringer, program director for Air Evac Illinois told the board it is back to being open 24 hours a day. The Greenville Air Evac medical helicopter facility is located at Greenville Airport.

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