Stepped Up Security At Local Schools In Light Of National Threat

Schools across the nation are stepping up security efforts Friday, December 17, in the wake of social media threats that have circulated, particularly on the TikTok app, prompting individuals to call bomb threats and shooting threats in to local schools. The threats are vague and not specific to any school in any particular area.

Greenville Police Chief Stefan Neece told WGEL Thursday evening that his department would have an increased presence at Greenville Schools, posting officers at the schools during drop-off and pickup times and possibly having officers visit the schools periodically.

Many schools sent out alerts of various types, notifying parents and students that they may notice police presence Friday, including Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson, who emphasized that the safety of students and staff is a priority and said all threats are taken seriously:

Mulberry Grove Unit 1 Superintendent Bobby Koontz told WGEL he had been in contact with the Bond County Sheriff’s Department and deputies will also have an increased presence at Mulberry Grove schools.

Highland Superintendent Mike Sutton told the Belleville News Democrat there would also be increased security at Highland Schools.

Again, no specific threat has been directed at any particular school.

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