Additional Options Presented At Sorento School Hearing

Wednesday evening, over 160 attended the third hearing held by the Bond County Community Unit 2 school board on the topic of the possible closing of Sorento School.

For the first 45 minutes, Superintendent Wes Olson presented a variety of information, using a large screen on the auditorium stage.

It included additional options for the board to consider. Previously, the superintendent’s only option was to close Sorento School.

The other four options are having district-wide grade level attendance centers in each Unit 2 town, having Sorento/Pocahontas Grade Level Attendance Centers with some grades going to Pocahontas and other grades to Sorento , drawing hard boundary lines with no open enrollment or grandfathering, and keeping things the way they are.

The entire packet of information can be seen on the school district’s website at It can be found by clicking on “Board” at the top of the page, then on “Notices” in blue to the right. The packet is at the bottom of that page titled “Sorento School Closure December 2021.

Four board members made comments or had questions after Olson spoke.

When the hearing was opened for public comments, 17 people approached the microphone, including a group of four girls who attend Sorento School.

The majority of those speaking during the hearing were against the closure with some asking the board to seriously consider all options before making a decision.

A few of the speakers said the information presented at the start of the hearing should have been presented at the beginning of the first hearing, instead of the third one.

One spoke against the option to have district-wide grade level attendance centers because he said in the future he could have three children attend school in three different towns.

Another individual told the board he has spoken with many people who believe the question isn’t if Sorento School will be closed, but when.

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