HSHS Reports Record Covid Numbers


Hospital Sisters Health System, the parent company of Holy Family Hospital in Greenville and St. Joseph’s Hospitals in Highland and Breese held a media conference Friday. Dr. Marc Shelton, Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer at HSHS announced that the system had reached an unfortunate milestone of 303 patients hospitalized with Covid-19, higher that the largest numbers seen in the worst of the pandemic in 2020.

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Those 303 patients are in hospitals throughout the HSHS system in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Of the 303 patients hospitalized, 230 are unvaccinated (76%).

Of the 64 patients in the ICU, 51 are unvaccinated (80%)

Of the 32 patients on ventilators, 27 are unvaccinated (84%)

Shelton urged unvaccinated and un-boostered individuals to roll up their sleeves.

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Ken Nelson, Chief Nursing Executive of HSHS Wisconsin, urged continued vigilance, encouraging vaccination, booster shots, masking, and social distancing.

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Allison Paul, interim CEO and Chief Nursing Officer at HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, said the current surge in the pandemic is not just putting a strain on the health system, but there’s also a human toll on health care workers.

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Dr. Shelton provided one bit of slightly good news in the situation, noting that because the current surge came on so fast we should see numbers drop very quickly after the peak is reached. He cautioned however that we are a few weeks from the peak and he expects the next two or three weeks to be very rough.

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For information on Covid vaccination, you can contact the Bond County Health Department at 664-1442 or visit BCHD.us.

Jeff Leidel recently spoke with Dr. Tom Dawdy, president of the Bond County Board of Health, about the current Covid-19 situation in our area. You can hear their conversation in full below:

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