KC Now Program Unveiled


Area high school students will be able get a head start on college through the KC Now Program, which was recently announced by Kaskaskia College.

The program will allow qualified high school students to attend KC during their junior and senior years, beginning this fall. Students will earn college credits toward a degree or certificate while completing high school.

Kaskaskia College has given an invitation to all high schools in the district to be part of the program.

High school students may be eligible to enroll for up to 15 credit hours per semester, allowing them to earn college credit.

Kara Harris, Bond County Unit 2 high school principal, stated KC Now will help our students explore their future interests, get a head start earning college credits, and have dual support in the college community and our high school faculty and staff. She said students will now have hundreds of classes at their fingertips to explore and not be limited by what we can offer.

Students wishing to participate in KC Now are responsible for half the tuition costs, fees and books. Financial aid will be available for those who submit proof of financial need.

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