KPD Board Bond Presentation

The Kingsbury Park District Board met Monday night and held a public hearing on a proposal to issue no more than $650,000 of general obligation park bonds.

While two citizens attended the hearing, neither had comments about the bonds.

Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein talked to WGEL about the possible uses for the money, including a maintenance building, some vehicles for the maintenance crew, a trailer that can haul the district’s skid steer, changing of deck lights at the pool, among other matters.

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He addressed the need for a new, larger maintenance shed. He said there isn’t a proper facility for the maintenance team to work out of.

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The proposal is to pay off the bonds over three years.

Sauerwein said the park board could take action on the bonds at its February 14 meeting.

Board members approved the 2021 agreed upon procedures engagement letter. Sauerwein explained this has been done for many years.

KEB, an accounting firm, will review the district finances from last year, which includes looking at all applications for participation in park district activities which require participants to pay.

The board tabled taking action on the director’s salary.

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