Mulberry Grove High School Homecoming

Queen and King Candidates: (front l-r) Megan Miller, Peyton Simpson, Abby Brown, Abby Gebke, Allie Stewart, Dakota Kruep, (back l-r) Grant Weder, Tucker Johnson, Andrew Willman, Cole Queen, Blake Scoggins, Drake Thomas.

This is homecoming week at Mulberry Grove High School.

The week will conclude Saturday, January 8 with a coronation ceremony at 7 p.m. in the school gymnasium. The theme is “Midnight Rose Garden.”

Six senior girls and six senior boys are candidates for queen and king.

The queen candidates are Megan Miller, Abby Gebke, Peyton Simpson, Dakota Kruep, Abby Brown and Allie Stewart.

The king candidates include Tucker Johnson, Cole Queen, Blake Scoggins, Drake Thomas, Grant Weder and Andrew Willman.

Each of the other three classes have four attendants. The junior class is represented by Maddelyn Hopkins, Jessica Leihser, Braden Hartmann and Jake Helmkamp.

Junior Attendants: (front l-r) Jessica Leihser, Maddelyn Hopkins, (back l-r) Jake Helmkamp, Braden Hartmann.

Sophomore attendants are Megan Mollett, Kassidy Jondro, Dawson Lindley and Azel Erck.

Sophomore Attendants: (front l-r) Kassidy Jondro, Megan Mollett, (back l-r) Azel Erck, Dawson Lindley.

From the freshman class, attendants are Callye Earnest, Lily Johnson, Logan Bauer and Aiden Walker.

Freshman Attendants: (front l-r) Callye Earnest, Lily Johnson, (back l-r) Logan Bauer, Aiden Walker.

Prior to the announcement of the new queen and king, the traditional waltz will be performed by members of the court.

The retiring queen and king are Brooke Tompkins and Ty Bauer.

The coronation is open to the public.

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