Unit Two Offered Financial Gift

During last week’s Bond County Community Unit 2 Board of Education hearing and meeting, it was learned the district has been offered a large financial gift.

A speaker at the public hearing commented he saw on Facebook that the district is to receive $4 million.

After the school board went into closed session during the regular meeting, Superintendent Wes Olson confirmed the offer, which he said the district was notified of around the first of the year. The gift, from a foundation, is to be directed for the construction of a new auxiliary gym and cafeteria at the high school. The gift is in the amount of $4 million. He said the information was not shared publicly because the board had to determine if they could legally accept the gift. The superintendent specified the board has not acted on or received the gift, they’ve simply been notified of the donor’s intention.

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Board President Randi Workman said the gift is exceptional and the district has never seen one like it. She pointed out there are strings attached for a very specific purpose for the funds. She said the gift would meet needs the district has and the community should be thankful for it. Workman also specified that the information was not kept from the public other than the fact that there is a process to follow before accepting that kind of money.

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The comment about the gift was mentioned during a public hearing regarding the future of Sorento School.

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