Voter Registration Cards Sent

Registered voters in Bond County have received or will receive new voter registration cards from Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert.

She told WGEL her office updates the voter rolls every few years. It usually occurs in odd-numbered years, but with the census and state redistricting that was pushed back. All registered voters should receive a new card which is white with green printing on them. If they have changed, the voter’s new districts, precincts, and polling locations will be listed on the card. If the information on the card is correct, no action is required. If there are any errors, voters should contact Sybert’s office.

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The county clerk said voters do not have to show the card at the polling place.

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Any registered voter who has had a change of address must report that to the county clerk’s office by calling 664-0449 or stopping at the office at 206 West Main in Greenville.

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