GU Lifts Mask Mandate


Greenville University has lifted its indoor mask mandate on campus, as of Monday, February 28. This follows Governor Pritzker’s announcement of a change in statewide mask mandates.

Masks are not required on the Greenville University campus with these exceptions:

Masks may be required in certain areas, such as classrooms, at the direction of faculty or staff members. Masks are still encouraged in highly populated areas or at events.

Masks will be required in the campus health clinic and at the COVID-19 saliva testing site.

Certain research labs and settings may still require masks.

Students and employees on campus, who are not vaccinated for COVID-19, are required to test at least once a week at the saliva test center for the rest of the semester.

GU officials indicate the university will continue to monitor the spread of the virus throughout the semester and will announce any changes as necessary.

In a news release, it was stated, “The university understands that each person’s comfort level with this change varies, and supports an individual’s choice to mask according to the comfort level.”

Governor Pritzker’s decision to partially lift the mask mandate was due to statewide COVID-19 hospitalization rates declining faster than at any other point in the pandemic.

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