Update On Masks At Unit Two

Last Friday, a Sangamon County Circuit Court judge entered a temporary restraining order prohibiting school districts in a legal case to require students and teachers to wear masks.

Bond County Community Unit 2 is a defendant in the case.

Superintendent Wes Olson notified parents and families over the weekend that the district is complying with the court order, and while facemasks are being encouraged, they are not required for staff and students.

During a special Unit 2 board of education meeting Monday evening, the superintendent gave an update on the case. He said the district consulted with legal counsel and followed the recommendation to adhere to the TRO. Olson said the state issued a request for a stay on the order Monday, which was denied. He said while the state is appealing the decision, the Unit 2 district is not involved in the appeal. The superintendent said the Unit 2 district and board’s resolve was to have the courts decide on the constitutionality of the executive orders and mandates. Olson said the situation is a fluid one and if the TRO runs out or if there is an appellate decision that changes it one way or the other, the board will have a decision to make as to how to handle the mask policy. The appeal decision is expected between February 11th and 17th.

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The mask issue centers around the COVID-19 situation.

Superintendent Olson urges parent to keep their children at home if the students are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19.

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