FNB Employee Giving Program Reaches Milestone

Staff from the Greenville FNB Community Bank location.

The FNB Community Bank’s employee-driven Jeans For Charity Program has reached a milestone.

It has been announced the program has now raised over $75,000 since it was started in November of 2012.

Money collected each month goes to a charitable organization or a worthwhile cause in communities that have a FNB branch.

Employees wearing jeans on Fridays during the month pay $10 for that privilege. The money is then pooled and dedicated to an organization or cause, decided upon by the employees for 11 months of the year. October’s money is set aside for local veterans’ organization in each community.

FNB Community Bank staff in Mulberry Grove

Heather Richardson, a FNB Community Bank universal banker, coordinates the Jeans For Charity Program.

Mike Radliff, president of The FNB said, “Reaching $75,000 in less than 10 years is truly inspiring.”

Recipients in 2021 were The Simple Room; Ramsey Ministerial Association; Mulberry Grove Backpack Program; the Stock family; Haleigh Jones; Eden’s Glory; A Better, Cleaner Ramsey; Holly’s Mountain; American Legion posts in Mulberry Grove, Vandalia, Ramsey and Patoka; and the Greenville VFW Post.

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