Kingsbury Park District Reimburses Sauerwein

The Kingsbury Park District Board took action Monday night to reimburse Director Jerry Sauerwein for attorney fees he incurred in defending himself against allegations of improprieties alleged by a former board member.

The motion to reimburse Sauerwein $8,777 was approved by a 5-0 vote. The payment of the fees incurred was and is part of the director’s contract.

Click below to hear Barb Smith, chair of the KPD board, read the motion which was prepared by the district’s attorney:

Questions were raised by former board member Scott Crothers about bonuses received by Sauerwein since 2015. The bonuses were an incentive for him to save the district money and obtain grants.

The previous board secured KEB, an accounting firm, to look into allegations.

The final report indicated there were no donations or grants that appeared abnormal.

After the park board approved Monday’s motion, Sauerwein thanked the current board members and also commented the totals between grants, donations, and cost savings, was $715,789.54. The goal, he said, was $120,000 for the total contract. Sauerwein said if you subtract his total salaries over the six years, the park district was still ahead over $364,000. He said he wasn’t questioned about his bonus until he reported a hostile work environment to the board.

Click below to hear more of his comments:

The current contract of Sauerwein does not include a bonus clause.

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