Greenville Resident To Host Book Signing

Greenville resident Debbie Blankenship has written the Christian fiction book “Gone . . .”

She told WGEL she had done a Bible study on the book of Revelations and she started wondering about what a post-rapture world would be like. She decided to write it out, despite having no idea how to write a book. Once she got started, with the help of a friend who writes, it turned into a story. Debbie said she tried to wrap it up a few times before she brought the story to a conclusion.

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Debbie began writing the book last October and in January submitted it to the publisher.

She will have a book signing Thursday, April 14 at the DeMoulin Museum in Greenville at 6:30 p.m. Debbie will talk about the book and answer questions, then sign books, which will be for sale.

She is excited about the book signing.

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Copies are also available from any website that sells books online.

Debbie has been asked about a sequel to the first book. She said there are no plans at this time for a sequel, but it could be written or she has an idea for a book on a different topic.

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