Health Department Recognizes Hospice Volunteers

April 18 through 24 is National Volunteer Week and those at the Bond County Health Department’s Hospice Program want to honor their volunteers.

Hospice Volunteer Director Karen File said the volunteers are important to the program. She said the have several very active people who take care of a mixed bag of tasks for the program. She said their main contribution is spending time with hospice patients. They go into the home and stay with the patient while the caretaker takes some time off.

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There is always a need for hospice volunteers. File said if you’re interested in joining the team, call 664-5020 and ask for her. She will either come to your home or invite you into her office to take care of some paperwork. She said they need volunteers for many facets of the program. She said one community volunteer only read to patients. She also told the story of a hospice patient who didn’t want a volunteer in his home until he found out some of them baked. She brought him pie and he called his friends over to his house for coffee and pie.

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