City Approves Land Swap With GU

The Greenville City Council met in special session recently and conducted a public hearing regarding a proposed land swap between the city and Greenville University,

One person attended and questioned what property was involved.

Recently, the council vacated North First Street, between College Avenue and Oak Street so the university could construct a new four-story dormitory with classroom at that location.

City Manager Jo Hollenkamp said when that action was taken, the university obtained ownership of the east half of First Street and the west half remained with the city.

She talked about the land swap at the hearing, noting the parcel was split in half with half going to GU and the other to the city. She said GU doesn’t need their half, so it will be given back to the city and in exchange, the city will give GU their half. In addition, there will be a 26×112 foot addition, which will allow GU’s new building to sit on the parcel.

Click below to hear her comments:

The land swap was unanimously approved by the council.

While the city is giving the university part of its parking lot, in addition to its half of the street, the city manager advised that staff and the council considered the swap of equal value.

Hollenkamp said the parking lot will remain available to citizens and visitors.

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