GES Students Recognized With Reading Awards

Top Point Owners In The School: (l-r) Griffin Rogers, second grade; Vera D’Arcy, fifth grade; Ryken Kennedy, fourth grade. Third grade winner Everett Turley was absent. Vera was the the top point leader in the school with 359.

Accelerated Reader Awards for the 2021-22 school year have been given to students at Greenville Elementary School.

The overall school winner was Fifth Grader Vera D’Arcy.

Top readers in each grade were Griffin Rogers in second grade, Everett Turley in third grade, Ryken Kennedy in fourth grade and Vera D’Arcy in fifth grade. They were presented trophies.

Top point earners in each class included Taylor Johnson, Allison Elam, Griffin Rogers and Levi Harley in second grade; Ava Welch, Emma Tally, William Deaton and Everett Turley in third grade; Thailer Coakley, Grady Rogers, Zachary Goggin and Ryken Kennedy in fourth grade; and Isaac Sussenbach, Mya Provost, Vera D’Arcy and Cecilia Graham in fifth grade. First place students received medals.

Second Grade Winners (front l-r third place) Mikah Wilks, Broty Johnson, Kellen Barber, (second row l-r second place) Owen Walker, Sofia Estevez, Abbie Blackburn, Nora Marcoot, (back row l-r first place) Griffin Rogers, Allison Elam, Taylor Johnson and Levi Harley. Zola Palmer was absent.
Third Grade Winners (front l-r third place) Macklin Hopkins, Dylan Brown, Caleb Sandifer, Sadie Bauer, (second row l-r second place) Lillian D’Arcy, Bemtlee Valleroy, Kaydence May, Baylor Wittig, (back roe l-r first place) William Deaton, Emma Tally, and Ava Welch. Everett Turley was absent.
Fourth Grade Winners (front l-r third place) Haydn Davis, Griffin Rehkemper, Kaylee Dothager, Ella Marcoot, (second row l-r second place) Alexander Graves, Jackson Swalley, Amelia Obermark, (back row l-r first place) Grady Rogers, Thailer Coackley, Zachary Goggin, and Ryken Kennedy. Alice Lurkins-Crothers was absent.
Fifth Grade Winners (front l-r third place) Joshua Brown, October Koontz, Alex Laughlin, Titus Jefferson, (second row l-r second place) Carter Hosto, Ryder Johnson, Olivia Durbin, Zariah Petty, (back row l-r first place) Cecilia Graham, Isaac Sussenbach, Vera D’Arcy and Mya Provost.

Second place students in each class were Abbie Blackburn, Nora Marcoot, Owen Walker and Sofia Estevez in second grade; Bentlee Valleroy, Lillian D’Arcy, Kaydence May and Baylor Wittig in third grade; Amelia Obermark, Alice Lurkins-Crothers, Jackson Swalley and Alexander Graves in fourth grade; and Zariah Petty, Ryder Johnson, Olivia Durbin, and Carter Hosto in fifth grade.

Third place finishers included Broty Johnson, Kellen Barber, Zola Palmer and Mikah Wilks in second grade; Sadie Bauer, Macklin Hopkins, Caleb Sandifer and Dylan Brown in third grade; Griffin Rehkemper, Ella Marcoot, Haydn Davis and Kaylee Dothager in fourth grade; and Alex Laughlin, October Koontz, Titus Jefferson and Joshua Brown in fifth grade.

Ribbons were given to those in second and third place.

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