GHS Prom Saturday Night

King & Queen candidates (Front, L-R) Kaylie Huels, Alison Ridens, Sophie Borwick, Abigail Sussenbach, Alyse Grigg, (Back, L-R) Jack Schaufelberger, Chase Bellegante, Lukas Moore, Nathaniel Williams, Jack Wall.

Greenville High School will celebrate its spring prom Saturday night at Copper Dock, north of Pocahontas.

During the prom, a queen and king will be crowned, as selected by those attending the event.

The queen candidates are Sophie Borwick, Alyse Grigg, Kaylie Huels, Alison Ridens and Abigail Sussenbach.

In the running for prom king are Chase Bellegante, Lukas Moore, Jack Schaufelberger, Jack Wall and Nathaniel Williams.

Students will also select Miss Congeniality and Mr. Nice Guy.

Miss Congeniality & Mr. Nice Guy candidates (Front, L-R) Liz Campbell, Alison Ridens, Sophie Borwick, Abigail Sussenbach, Kayla Sanders, (Back, L-R) Jack Wall, Lukas Moore, Nathaniel Williams, Walter Smith. Not pictured Haiden Graham.

Miss Congeniality candidates are Sophie Borwick, Liz Campbell, Alison Ridens, Kayla Sanders and Abigail Sussenbach.

Those up for Mr. Nice Guy include Haiden Graham, Lucas Moore, Walter Smith, Jack Wall and Nathaniel Williams.

The theme of the prom is “Golden Glow.”

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