GU Breaks Ground For New Dorm & Classroom Building

A ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a new dormitory for Greenville University was held May 13 at the site, North First Street between College Avenue and Oak Street.

GU President Suzanne Davis thanked the City of Greenville and St. John’s College of Nursing for their partnerships in the project.

She then talked about the building, noting it will be one of the largest in Greenville. She said the residence hall will have 246 student beds and will include both men’s and women’s floors. She said nursing classrooms will also be a part of the building as St. John’s School of Nursing will have space. She said the building will include a Student Union-type space and will attract additional food and retail options to the community.

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The GU president said the strategic location of the building connects students to the downtown square and increases economic development opportunities for the city.

Davis addressed members of the community, asking for grace during the construction project. She said GU will be as careful as possible with all neighbors that are impacted.

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The building will be named Kaufmann Hall in recognition of Dr. Kenneth Kaufmann and his family for their extraordinary generosity, hospitality and service to Greenville University.

Work on the building should begin soon and the university hopes it can be used at the start of the 2022-23 school year.

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