Holy Family Nursing Exemplar Award Ceremony

Chief Nursing Officer Teresa Cornelius (far right) presented the Nursing Exemplar Awards at the ceremony held at HSHS Holy Family Hospital. From left to right: Ali Bourgeois-Lurkins, patient care technician; Krista Waters, RN; Molly Kern, RN; Erica Bone, RN; Cindy Crouch, RN; Rachel Sanders, RN; and Cornelius.

In honor of National Nurses Week, HSHS Holy Family Hospital hosted a Nursing Exemplar Awards Ceremony. Below is the list of winners from the ceremony.
Nurse Leader of the Year: Cindy Crouch, RN

Excellence in Nursing: Krista Waters, RN

Preceptor of the Year: Rachel Sanders, RN

Charge Nurse of the Year: Erica Bone, RN

Rookie of the Year: Molly Kern, RN

Partner in Nursing: Ali Bourgeois-Lurkins

The awards recognize the dedicated health professionals and nurses who serve patients each day with respect, care, competence and joy. They play an important role in providing excellent care to our community. It is more important than ever to thank, recognize and celebrate that we have these health care professionals serving our loved ones and neighbors.

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