Unit 2 Students Seeking Veterans To Interview


Students in the Advanced Placement United States History Class at Bond County Unit 2 High School are seeking Vietnam and World War II veterans in Bond County.

According to the class’ teacher, Ryan D’Arcy, the students plan to use the framework from, and contribute to the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress.

Interviews will take place Thursday, May 19 . If a Bond County veteran would like to be interviewed, he or she should contact the high school at 664-1370.

The project is designed to make an important record of local veteran’s experiences.

D’Arcy said the students are excited to do hands-on historical research and set the foundation for what hopefully will be a memorial book of Vietnam veterans, much like the one that an earlier class contributed to for World War II veterans.

He concluded they all want to remember the contributions and sacrifices of Bond County veterans.

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