Unit One Board Reviews Calendar & More

At its recent meeting, the Mulberry Grove Unit 1 school board reviewed the current calendar. The last day of school for students will be Tuesday, May 31.

The board passed a resolution to abate the working cash fund.

It allots $300,000 to the education fund and $200,000 for the capital projects fund. The district recently sold working cash bonds for future projects.

Board members approved a new agreement for a girl’s basketball cooperative.

The Lady Aces have been part of the Ramsey High School basketball program.

The new agreement adds a third school to the co-op, Mid-America Preparatory School in Herrick.

The district is submitting another school code waiver application, which must be approved by the state legislature.

Unit 1 has had the waiver for five years, but it is expiring. The waiver is needed for district staff members, who live outside of Unit 1, to have their children attend Mulberry Grove schools at no tuition charge.

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