Fake Swatting Call Results In Sheriff’s Investigation


On Saturday, June 18, the Bond County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of a possible shooting and hostage situation in Pocahontas. After deputies arrived on scene and secured the area, an occupant of the residence exited at the request of deputies.

After the occupant exited the residence and the owner, who was not home, was contacted, it was learned that the call may have been a hoax. After speaking to the home owner, the deputies learned the actual person of interest lived in Edwardsville. Deputies on scene made contact with the person of interest who advised he did not call, and would be willing to speak with Edwardsville Police Department.

Edwardsville Police Department spoke with the person of interest who did not make the initial report.

During the course of this investigation deputies learned of a hoax pertaining to online gaming which is called SWAT. It involves a fake 911 alert stating a shooting has occurred.

The Bond County Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that their office takes every 911 call as a serious situation. They expressed their thanks to the Greenville Police Department, Illinois State Police, and Edwardsville Police Department for assisting during the investigation.

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