Thacker Insurance Celebrates 40th Anniversary & New Location


Many members of the community attended last week’s Open House at the new location of Thacker Insurance Service, 215 South Third Street in Greenville.

Curt and Natalie Thacker and their staff welcomed visitors. They were joined by Curtis’ parents, Jim and Mary Thacker, who started the agency in 1982.

Jim told WGEL that at the time, he never thought about the agency lasting this long. His main focus was on starting his own business and serving those in the community with their insurance needs. Jim is proud of his business’ progress since then and is grateful for how Curt elevated their influence in the community.

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The new location is an old jail building that was constructed in 1850. After many months of renovations, Thacker Insurance Service moved in April 24.

Jim said the outcome of the renovation was excellent. The building has become a unique aspect of the business, and it allows Thacker’s business to continue serving the community.

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Thacker Insurance Service can be contacted at 664-4266.

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