City Council Addresses Brush Pick-Up

The City of Greenville has proposed the development of a policy pertaining to brush pick-up.

At this time, employees of the public works and sewer departments pick up brush at no charge.

Before June, crews drove the streets weekly to get the brush. The city now requires residents to call and be placed on the brush and yard waste list.

At the recent city council meeting, there was a lengthy discussion about creating a policy regarding brush pick-up. There has been a suggestion that the once-a-week pile not exceed four feet in length, by three feet high by three feet deep. This would still be picked up at no cost.

City officials suggest that for larger piles, the resident meet with a public works representative to review the project and establish a price for pickup between $25 and $100.

City Manager Jo Hollenkamp addressed the situation, noting she wants to enforce a policy to inform residents how many piles and the size of the piles they can have. The city staff wants the council to set policy beyond verbal policy, which will become a suggestion for the public.

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George Schofield, public works superintendent, said city employees spend many hours each month picking up brush. He believes written standards need to be set. Schofield stated that at times, the city picks up an excessive amount of brush, so a written policy will help control the amount they can pick up for free. The city is willing to pick up extra brush, but Schofield believes the city should receive compensation to maintain this service as prices continue to rise.

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At the council meeting, two e-mails were read from residents supporting the continuation of a completely free service.

Another resident attended the meeting, praising the service and asking that it continue as is.

The topic is expected to be discussed again at the council’s August meeting.

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