Council Discusses Broken Siren At Lake

Should a tornado siren at Governor Bond Lake be replaced, since it does not work?

That was the question raised at the recent Greenville City Council meeting.

City Manager Jo Hollenkamp said the siren is over 40 years old. It was originally posted at City Hall and when a new one was installed there, it was moved to the lake. She said it hasn’t been functioning for over two years. Officials thought they needed a new antenna, which took a long time to come in. the antenna wasn’t the problem, it was a circuit board. If the council takes action, it will have to be a complete replacement. Hollenkamp said sirens are about $35,000 and it’s not budgeted for this year. The property is not within the city limits and it’s the only siren outside of the city limits.

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Two council members stated they favored replacing the siren. Another also was in favor, but wanted to wait until the next budget to include siren replacement.

A visitor at the meeting, who lives on the lake, said he regularly receives weather alerts through his phone.

Councilman Ivan Estevez said he would like to hear what residents are saying about the matter before moving on and making a decision. He goes on to say that since they are the ones who live there, they should have their opinions heard. Mayor Barber said if you live at the lake, this would be a good time to let someone on the City Council know your thoughts on the issue.

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Public comments can be e-mailed to the city, placed on the City of Greenville’s Facebook page or telephoned at 664-1644.

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