FNB Publisher’s Clearing House Scam Warning


The FNB Community Bank has been informed of a Publisher’s Clearing House scam that targeted a few of their customers. Fraudsters of this scam state that intended victims have won a sweepstake, but before they can release the award, participants must pay for sweepstakes taxes, customs fees, handling charges or shipping fees, service fees, withholding, and any other charges.

The FNB Community Bank shared with us these warning signs, and do’s and don’ts to help protect yourself:

Warning Signs:

You get a call or an online solicitation claiming you’ve won a prize in a sweepstakes you don’t recall entering or haven’t heard of before.

You’re told you need to make an upfront payment to collect the prize.


Ever pay a fee to claim a prize you supposedly won

Wire money or share gift card numbers with someone claiming to represent a contest or lottery

Provide personal or financial information you contacts you about winning the lottery or a prize

Deposit supposed winnings that come in the form of a partial-payment check, accompanied by instructions to return a portion to the contest sponsors. The check will bounce, and you’ll likely have to repay your bank for any withdrawals from that deposit, including what you sent the scammers.


Hang up on cold calls claiming to be from well-known contests like the lottery or Publishers Clearing House.

Report the scam to your local police department and bank institution. This can help us protect others.

Call The FNB Community Bank 618-283-1141 for additional tips and warning signs if you feel you have been targeted for a scam.

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