IDOC Says Officials Are Not Considering Closing VCC

Vandalia Mayor Ricky Gottman is thanking the governor and the Illinois Department of Corrections following an IDOC memo that was released Wednesday, July 13.

The memo, written by IDOC Director Rob Jeffreys begins by stating, “I want to dispel some fake information that is being spread throughout the state and specifically at Vandalia Correctional Center. Vandalia Correctional Center is NOT closing nor was it being considered for closure.”

Jeffreys says the DOC has been looking at a plan that could involve consolidating the Vandalia Correctional Center, which he says would allow the department to efficiently operate the facility and better serve the population by moving the staff and population to newer units on the grounds of Vandalia. He emphasized the plan would not have resulted in layoffs or geographical transfers. He said there were no plans to demolish any buildings at Vandalia.

Jeffreys reported transfers to the Vandalia Correctional Center have slowed. In February, the population was 301, in June it was 525, and now it is 458. At this time, officials have reportedly decided to hold off on the consolidation at VCC and will continue discussions if the need re-arises.

Mayor Gottman said the memorandum was a result of a phone meeting he had with the Governor’s office and representatives of the IDOC last Thursday. Gottman said he was pleased at the news, noting that supporting and maintaining the Vandalia Correctional Center is, “…not a political matter, it is a community matter.”

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