Kids Attend KC Camping Fun Class


Recently, a Camping Fun Class was held as a part of KICK (Kids In College at Kaskaskia) program. Participants explored the outdoors by creating nature journals, bird feeders, lanterns, and s’mores made in homemade solar ovens! Here they are pictured with glow lanterns and solar ovens made from Monical’s pizza boxes, which were donated by Monical’s Pizza. Pictured from L to R, front row: Mabry Ford (Centralia), McKenna Hann (Centralia), Lyla Longman (Centralia). L-R, back row: Amariah Storey (Centralia), Taylor Ford (Centralia), Lillie Hilton (Centralia), Kalena Little (Centralia), Alivia Glover (Richview). Instructor: April Snow.

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