Mt. Auburn Cemetery History Walking Tour

The Bond County Historical and Genealogical Societies will host a program Tuesday, July 26, at 6 PM at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Greenville.

Hosts from the Mount Auburn Cemetery Association will share the history of the cemetery, its operation, and tales of some of Bond County’s prominent former citizens resting in the memorial park founded in 1929. There are presently more than 2,300 burials with room left in the land design for more.

Individuals featured in the historical presentations will include Brad and Arlen Parker; Gerald Turley; Ish Smith; Cornelia Davis; Dean and Nelda Anthony; Art Bollinger; Mervin Wise; and Merlvin Hoffman. All honor roll veterans – or, those who died while in the service – will be read as well.

The program is open to the public.

Mount Auburn Cemetery is located at 1403 E College Ave. in Greenville at the intersection with Idler Lane.

The next gathering planned for Bond County Historical Society is a Rural Church History Dinner Potluck and Program at Woburn Baptist, on Thursday, August 25.

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