County Clerk Sending A Mailing On Voting

Bond County registered voters can expect some mail from Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert soon.

She told WGEL the reason. “The General Assembly, and then the governor, signed into law a new requirement for county clerks to send out a mailing asking people if they want to be on a permanent vote by mail list,” she said. “We’re required to do this before this upcoming general election and right now we’re required to do it before the consolidated election in April. So it’s two separate mailings. What we’re doing here in Bond County, we will be sending out a postcard similar to what we did in 2020 with the vote by mail postcard. This one will say, ‘Do you want to vote by mail in the November election or do you want to be on a permanent vote by mail list?’”

Sybert said you don’t have to do either one if you don’t want to vote by mail.

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The postcards were expected to go in the mail August 10, as previously reported on WGEL. County Clerk Sybert now advises the cards will be placed into the mail on August 17. She said if a registered voter fails to receive a card, he or she can contact the office at 664-0449 to be placed on the permanent vote by mail list.

The county clerk told the Bond County Board about the postcards on Tuesday. She said it is an unfunded mandate by the state, and the cost of mailing cards once is about $8,000.

Sybert advised this expense is not included in the budget and she may need to ask the board later in the fiscal year to amend her budget.

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