Huddle House & Pie Auction Efforts Benefit Brody

WGEL recently told you about Brody Haston, a seven year old student at Greenville Elementary School who was diagnosed with cancer. He is expected to have nine chemo treatments and a surgery, which will be followed by more chemo.

Huddle House in Greenville held a benefit for Brody last Tuesday, which raised a total of $2,047 to benefit Brody and his family.

On WGEL’s Pie Auction Monday, Greenville First Christian Church Pastor Tyson Graber auctioned a batch of white cupcakes with white frosting, which is Brody’s favorite treat.

The high bidder received that batch of cupcakes and, as shown above, a second batch was delivered to Brody.

A group of people at the church pooled funds to match whatever the high bid was on those cupcakes with their donation going straight to Brody and his parents, Adam and Kristy Haston. The cupcakes garnered a $1,000 bid. Those funds will go to the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation. The matching $1,000, along with an extra $100 donation, went to Brody.
If you would like to make a contribution to benefit Brody and his family, visit

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