City Renews Lobbyist Contract

Meeting late Tuesday afternoon, the Greenville City Council renewed an agreement with the government relations consulting services of Dan Shomon Incorporated and the Strategic Partnership Alliance.

They have served as Greenville’s lobbyists since December of 2021.

Shoman attended the meeting and talked about successes for the city. He said the city staff did an excellent job on applications and grants. He said since they’ve been working with the city, they won a competitive $1.7 million grant from the state Department of Commerce and won $750,000 from the EPA for construction of a water plant. He also noted the governor’s downstate coordinator is a big supporter of Greenville.

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The agreement has also led to the building of strong relationships between the city and state officials, built a relationship with the Southwest Illinois Building Trades Council, and built a relationship with Ameren, which has led to street light and power projects.

The renewal price is $6,000 from January 1 through December 31, 2023. No expenses will be charged to the city unless they are approved by Greenville city officials.

Shomon said this year the efforts will focus on continuing the fight for state funds, and there are more grants the city will be seeking. He added there could be a big announcement for Greenville in the near future.

Members of the city council commended Shoman for his efforts on behalf of Greenville.

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