Davis Found Unfit To Stand Trial

Austin R. Davis

A Bond County man, charged with attempted murder, has been found unfit to stand trial at this time.

Austin R. Davis, age 24, of the Pierron area, has been charged in Bond County Circuit Court with allegedly intending to kill a female by attempting to confine her in a burning house on February 19.

According to court records, Davis appeared by video conference from the Bond County jail in early March and remained non-verbal and unable to advise if he planned to hire an attorney or wanted one appointed. Circuit Court Judge Christopher Bauer appointed an attorney for the defendant, and ruled bona fide doubt exists as to the fitness of Davis to stand trial.

The judge ordered that an expert conduct a fitness evaluation.

In court Tuesday of this week, Judge Bauer, after reviewing the evaluation documents, found Davis unfit to stand trial. He will be placed in the care of the Illinois Department of Human Services for treatment.

A status hearing has been scheduled for April 12 in circuit court.

Davis also faces felony charges of aggravated arson, domestic battery, enhanced offense; and aggravated cruelty, alleging a pet dog perished in the fire, which occurred at a house in the Pierron area.

A misdemeanor charge of resisting a peace officer has also been filed against the defendant.

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