IL Dept. Of Labor Recognizes March As National Ladder Safety Month

The Illinois Department of Labor’s (IDOL) Division of Occupational Health and Safety (IL OSHA) and On-Site Consultation Program are highlighting 2023 National Ladder Safety Month to promote the safe use of ladders and the opportunity to be certified in ladder safety training.

“Falling from a ladder can lead to serious injury or even death,” said IL OSHA Division Chief Erik Kambarian, CSP. “The risk of these incidents can be mitigated with proper training, planning, and use of a ladder.”

The American Ladder Institute sets safety standards for the industry and promotes ladder safety in the home.

The U.S. Department of Labor recorded more than 160 deaths connected to ladder use in 2020, the most recent year on record.

National Ladder Safety Month is focusing on four aspects of ladder use this March:

Choosing your ladder

Safety before the first step

Safety while climbing

Safety at the top

OSHA also offers a ladder safety guide.

IDOL recommends businesses with OSHA-related questions consult the Illinois On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program. The Illinois On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program provides free and confidential safety and health advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

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