Pleads Guilty To Making Terrorist Threats

Deyondri M. Joy

The man charged with making terrorist threats at Greenville University last month pleaded guilty in Bond County Circuit Court Monday to two offenses.

Deyondri M. Joy, age 21, of Centralia, entered guilty pleas to making terrorist threats on February 14 and 15. Joy was sentenced to six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections with the sentences to be served concurrently.

By agreement of the state and defendant, the court is recommending Joy be included in the IDOC’s impact program.

Bond County State’s Attorney Dora Mann said if Joy successfully completes the program, his time in prison could be reduced to 12 to 18 months.

Per plea negotiations, two other charges of making a terrorist threat were dismissed.

Joy admitted to leaving written notes in a Greenville University dormitory, one alleging he would shoot all of the black people on campus, and the other alleging he would shoot all of the football players and black people on campus.

When the first note was found on February 14, Greenville police and Bond County sheriff’s officers responded to the campus and took actions to assure the safety of students and staff.

State’s Attorney Mann told WGEL that Joy was recently a student at Greenville University.

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