KPD Preparing To Construct New Maintenance Building

The current shed at Jaycee Park

The Kingsbury Perk District is preparing to construct a new maintenance building at Jaycee Park, to replace the old, small structure now in use.

The district has applied to the City of Greenville for a permit and variance for the new building.

The Greenville Plan Commission will meet April 17 to conduct hearings on requests to add “maintenance facility” as a conditional use in a commercial neighborhood zone and a request for a conditional use permit to operate the facility.

The city’s Board of Adjustment will have a hearing April 18, since the park district has requested a variance to the maximum building size requirement.

Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein said bids on the maintenance shed will be opened April 19. The district has already sold bonds to pay for the new building.

According to Sauerwein, the current structure is not a proper facility for the maintenance team to work out of. It is only about 20 feet by 20 feet in size with a rock floor.

Sauerwein hopes the requests to the city will be approved and the low bid is good so the building can g be constructed later this year.

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