Unit 2 Hires Fall & Winter Coaches

At its May meeting, the Bond County Community Unit 2 Board of Education hired coaches in fall and winter sports for the upcoming school year.

Coaches were approved at the high school, Greenville Junior High and Pocahontas School.

Fall coaches at the high school include Todd Hutchinson as head football coach, Mark Jurgena, Todd Cantrill, James Romack and David Clark as assistant football coaches; Tessa Nestleroad as head football cheerleading coach, Joshua McGill as head boys soccer coach, Cody Heckman as assistant soccer coach, Steve Dannaman as golf head coach, Vaughn Robart as head girls tennis coach, and Ben Harris as head cross country coach.

Coaches for high school winter sports are Todd Cantrill as head boys basketball coach, Adam Doll and Terry Swalley as boys assistant coaches, Quinton Hammann as girls head basketball coach, Josh Cox and Gina Allen as girls assistant coaches, Amanda Goldsboro as head basketball cheerleading coach and Tessa Nestleroad as her assistant, and Heather Edwards as dance coach.

At Pocahontas School, hired were Don Smith as girls head basketball coach and Josh Cox as his assistant,  Johnnie McNece as cheerleading coach, Jerad McPeek as boys head basketball coach and Eric Miller as his assistant,  Alyson Haberer as head volleyball coach and Michelle Links as her assistant.

Approved at Greenville Junior High School were Trevor Stoecklin as head baseball coach and Jason Pierce as his assistant, Gina Allen as head girls basketball coach and Lori Alstat as her assistant, Gayla Brauns as cheerleading coach, Parker Manhart as head boys basketball coach and Trevor Stoecklin as his assistant, and Erin Cummings as head volleyball coach, and Lauren Hutchinson as her assistant.

For the spring of 2024 at the junior high, Terry Swalley will serve as head track coach with Josh Cox and Parker Manhart as his assistants.

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